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Positive Addiction


1 June 2024 


Discipline is the foundation of life. It always makes us better.

Remove distractions and be self-disciplined. Focus on the areas in your life that need change.


Jim Rohn says your time is equal to money. Do what you love without stress. Please take a liste…

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How to learn a new skill?


“Today’s problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them” - Albert Einstein. 


Albert’s quote tells us that we need to learn new skills continuously. In this recording,, John Rohn explains how to lear…

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“Build a foundation for your dream”


“Take excellent care of the front end of your day, and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning. Elevate your life” - Robin Sharma. 


Tyler Perry said, “Build a foundation for your dream”. Listen to his story about his dad and the foundations…

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May you find success


18 November 2023


There is no secret to success; there is a system - Les Brown. 


Napoleon Hill argued that “Success always involves risk. You must take a chance by investing your time, money, and effort. It pays to be thoughtful and deliberate in your analyses of opportun…

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The last 20 minutes of this interview will make you think again. Listen very closely to what Jada is asking Steven. Take a listen to this podcast: Jada also touches on intimacy. 

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Change your life



Early Nightingale once said, “We are what we think about”. Yes, we become what we think about. Think about that momentarily, and let me know what you are thinking. Nightingale believed what we plant 🍃 in our minds is what we get in return. So, if you …

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We are looking for you

Wowos Club Digital Library (WCDL):

16 September 2022, 
Good Evening Wowos, 
Robin Sharma wrote, “When Mahatma Gandhi died, he had about ten possessions, including his sandals, a watch, eyeglasses and a simple bowl to eat from. Mother Teresa, so prosperous of heart and rich with the au…

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In his book, “The 5 AM Club”, Robin Sharma wrote as follows: 


“And, about your point about being addicted to technology, just remember that intelligently used, it advances human progress. Through using technology wisely, our lives become better, our knowledge becomes richer, and …

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Re: We do not have an ideal benchmark for a competent and good President

5 September 2023 


I agree with some aspects of this 


However, it would be amiss to claim that there is nothing competent about Mbeki, Zuma or CR.


These Presidents have had their share of successes (which one can take and use for a model that Zibu is looking for). We can …

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We do not have an ideal benchmark for a competent and good President

Unfortunately, for us as a country, we do not have an ideal benchmark for a competent and good President. President Mandela ushered us into a democracy and a rainbow nation, which a majority believed was a good idea at the time. Today, almost everyone can poke holes and do into his Presidency.


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Don’t be a victim of yourself


In this recording,, Jim Rohn argues that we must not become victims of ourselves. The real thief lies within. He says watch out for your mind as it can be a thief. Remember, your mind translates words into images. So, if you say, “I’m trying to be financially posit…

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God, through Wowos, was preparing me for that experience


You know, I took on a challenge last year to sleep on the floor & fast (just a minor one once a week until 6 pm), only to find at the beginning of this year, I will find myself in a situation where I had to sleep on the floor for two days & to have access to food only in the morning (if I …

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Wowos Club Digital Library - 21 March 2021

Dear WCEC Members, 

I hope you are all doing well. 

The last time I wrote to this cohort on a serious matter was the previous year. 

Two things I want to cover tonight. 

  1. Never underestimate some careers. I am busy with a tenant application, and I cannot believe that positions like…

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Ditaba Moeketsi - President of Wowos Club Communique


Good afternoon family


Professionally I am in construction & we often struggle with water, especially in rural areas. 


Two months ago, it was scorched & not having water meant we could not work & we needed to. I then spoke to God silently, asking for water. It was on Thursday…

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Pain is everywhere



Brian Tracy said, “Stay away from time wasters”. What and who is wasting your time, Wowos? How many people are wasting your time? Count them. Jim Rohn said, “Numbers tell us the progress”. How many books have you read this month, last month? How many Wowos motivational cohorts do you bel…

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Wowos Club is full of generous people.



Wowos Club is full of generous people. I call them the Diamond Club Members. Yes, I created a cohort for these special people. Each time I make a request to Wowos, it is met with great support and generosity.


Napoleon Hill wrote, “Friendship means giving without expecting anythi…

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Jim Rohn once asked us to ask ourselves, “Who am I around”? He argued that you need to look at all the people surrounding you. Are they positive or negative people? What have they got you doing? What have they asked you to read? 


In the same recording, Les Brown argues that you mus…

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I Am Tired



I just feel like engaging us today. Perhaps this is not the best platform to air this opinion. But I am tired myself. 


I would like to ask, what exactly is the usefulness of Africa's Universities and higher institutions of learning to Africa? What product are we producing in Af…

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How to plot your course and navigate


Napoleon Hill once wrote, “Not having a major purpose for your life is like trying to navigate without a chart. You may eventually get somewhere you like, or you may drift aimlessly, always hoping to find — but never finding — the place where you would like to be. As you grow as a person, so w…

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Sleep in a cold or cooler room



Dr Matthew Walker provides five sleep hygiene tips for a deeper sleep. Please take a listen here: 


The revelation for me was sleeping in a cold or cooler room and…

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