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Today, we focus on worrying. Napoleon Hill wrote: 


There are few things in life that are as bad as they seem at first. Dealing with adversity begins with analyzing and accepting your situation for what it is. When you realize that things are not nearly as bad as they might have b…

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Too Much Stress


There is too much stress in here! Yes, there is too much violence, crime, sickness, wars, earthquakes, drama, shootings, loud voices, racial fights, work pressures, family pressures, and so on. T D Jakes says, “there is enough stress in this world to take you to sleep”. Zibuse L Kunene wro…

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Why are you here?


Have you ever asked yourself that question?


Three days ago, Ngoato Thamae wrote to us as follows: 


“I’ve spoken to all and sundry, even if I haven’t mentioned them by name. But a name that will forever stand out for me will be Siyabulela Mooi.” 


Indeed, Siy…

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I've been a member of Wowos for over a decade.

I've been a member of Wowos for over a decade. In that time, I've served as an ordinary member, and at times, I've been requested by MyFounder and other members to carry extra duties. I've gone long spells without any recognition, and other times; I've blushed from the showers of praise from fellow …

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Are You Hungry?



In this video, Les Brown shares how he got his first radio gig without any qualifications because he was hungry. He prepared himself for the opportunity long before the opportunity came. He was awake when the opportunity would look at him in the face, and he embraced it fully. 


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Extraordinary Resilience


Today we reflect on the speech by HRH Zenani Dlamini at her mother’s funeral and how she described her mother, Winnie Mandela, as an “extraordinary resilience” fighter. Read this: 


At my mother’s 80th birthday in September 2016, I said: ‘One day, the story of how you fought bac…

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Is your ego killing your career growth?


Napoleon Hill once wrote, “A Positive Mental Attitude allows you to tap the source of great power that resides within you, enabling you to accomplish things you never before believed were possible”. 


Today, I want us to focus on attitude. How is your attitude lately? Is it go…

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So 23 days of fasting (6 Feb 2023 till 28 Feb 2023)

The things I’ve learnt:

•Staying away from certain foods is tough, but fasting is not about food; there is so much more happening here 😅 Yes, I kept the diet strictly to fruits, veggies and grains. 

•There’s a strong spiritual aspect about fasting, almost like a cleansing process; …

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My Reflection

I've noticed lately that if my sleep fails me at 2 or 3 in the morning and I try to fall asleep again, I often struggle to wake up later and do what I have committed to doing. It soon became evident that instead of trying to fall back to sleep, I should stay awake and be productive until the time ca…

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“Thank you for the presents, but I want your presence”

We are reflecting on the two months since 2023, and today, I want us to remember our kids. Les Brown shares in this podcast the note that he got from his son - “Thank you for the presents 🎁, but I want your presence”. Please listen to this podcast:…

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Are you moving forward or going backwards?



It is the 1st of March, 2023. Two months have passed this year, and today, we reflect on our direction, Wowos. 


Napoleon Hill once wrote, “In life, either you are moving forward, or you are going backwards. When you plot your course carefully and thoughtfully, you can ensure th…

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Have #purpose and #direction


Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “If you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams and endeavour to live the life you have imagined, you will meet with success”. Today we focus on Oprah’s video recording. In this video,, Oprah shares her dream about …

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Maybe God Chose You


My role model Michael Jackson once wrote, “I have been the artist with the longest career, and I’m honoured to be chosen from Heaven to be invincible. I feel guilty having to put my name on the songs sometimes, because I write them, compose them, and score them, and it is really the work of …

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@ClubWowos #BookClub

T D Jakes said, “Anytime you establish a business that solves a problem, you will be successful.”


Today, I am asking you the following five questions: 


1.         Why do you do what you do? 

2.         What do you need to learn that you do not know right now? …

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@dmandisi interview - Being #honest to the #moment


Mandisi Dyantyis Interview


“Being honest to the moment”


One of the things Mandisi revealed in the Clement Manyathela 702 interview last week was that they were made to wake up at 4am to pray and sing for an hour. His granny would pray for that long. It is now becoming…

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Be #mentally ready!


Be mentally ready! Take action now! Don’t wait! Be decisive and be disciplined about it! Don’t stop at failure! Get up! We don’t take failure at Wowos! It’s a campaign of hard work! 


Watch this video titled “chase your dreams”:



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You will miss me if you see me as a #preacher as I am a #person - T D Jakes


T D Jakes continued, saying, “I was a man before I was a preacher”. In this video,, he tells us how important it is to work together, be together and love each other as friends. He gives warnings on the use of social media and technologies. It was Zibuse L…

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Forms of Fake #Power


In his book, the 5 am club, Robin Sharma states: 
“Our culture tells us to pursue titles and trinkets, applause and acclaim, money and mansions. All that’s fine – it truly is – so long as you don’t get brainwashed into defining your worth as a human being by these things. Enjoy them, jus…

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In the Holy Bible, Genesis 11 verse 6, it is written, “And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do


Today, I would like us to reflect on imaginin…

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What gets #measured gets improved - #EddiePinero

Afternoon 5amers

This morning as I was driving my son to school (since I could not wake up at 5 am), I listened to Eddie Pinero. I was inspired by what he covered in a few minutes and wanted to share it with you.

What gets measured gets improved - he started his podcast. This immediately c…

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