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“I have no problems” - Dr Myles Munroe 


The Wowos 5 Am Club and Wowos Motivational Spiritual Club are cohorts created to uplift our spirits and give us the in-it-to-win attitude. 


Today, I would like to talk about Attitude. Munroe defines attitude as “a product of belief”. He said your attitude comes from your belief system. 


Napoleon Hill argued that we must have a positive attitude and that a “positive attitude allows you to tap the source of great power that resides within you, enabling you to accomplish things you never before believed were possible”. 


So, Wowos, it is not about how many degrees you have or how rich or poor you are! It is not about your titles or your height! All you must do is fix your belief system, which will result in you having a positive attitude. Let me give you an example; we asked Wowos to sleep on the floor at least once a month. We were challenging your belief system. We were taking you out of your comfort zone. We were planting a new seed of a positive attitude in you. 


Please listen to this recording:


Have a relentlessly positive attitude today, Wowos. Work on your belief system and come alive! You are what you think. 


Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder and Director 

Wowos Club 


Twitter: @ClubWowos Instagram: Wowos_Club 

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