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#Faith cannot be seen. Faith cannot be touched.


Faith cannot be seen. Faith cannot be touched. 


My role model, Michael Jackson, has a ballad song titled “Keep the Faith”. The song comes from the Dangerous album, and it has the following passage: 


So keep the faith

Don’t let nobody turn you ’round

You gotta know when it’s good to go

To get your dreams up off the ground

Keep the faith, baby, yea

Because it’s just a matter of time

Before your confidence will win out

Believe in yourself no matter what it’s gon’ take

You can be a winner

But you got to keep the faith


Please listen to the song here: Do listen to the entire album as MJ sings about “racism, poverty, romance and self-improvement, and the welfare of children and the world 🌎 “. 


Keep the faith today, Wowos. Don’t allow anyone to turn you around! You are so close to achieving your goals! 


Have a wonderful weekend!


Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder and Director 

Wowos Club 


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