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A consistent #plan or #gameplan is necessary.



Setting goals, we are told, is very important. Oprah says, “you must have a vision even if you do not know the plan”. 


Today, we look at your plan. We look at it because your family, business and schoolwork need a plan. But the truth is, setting goals and reevaluating them is hard. That is why many let the planning slide away. 


Wowos Club allows you to be surrounded by people who have plans. Learn from them. Learn from those Wowos that read. Join Wowos Book Club sessions like we did last night. Learn from those who write 📝 and those who have businesses. Attend Wowos webinars, and connect with us via our webmail, website and WhatsApp. Read our morning messages. Attend our functions and read The Morning Thought of Zibuse L Kunene, which offers us free advice. 


Oprah said, “you must find a way to serve”. Find a way to serve and serve excellence. We have various opportunities for you to fill in Wowos Club. Chat with me if you need a space to do this. Jabu and Zibuse performed excellently yesterday - they brought us a platform to talk about a book many of us did not read, and today we have the knowledge 📕 of that book. 


Jim Rohn said, “If the future gets clear, the price gets easier”. Take a listen to this:


May your plans come true, Wowos. See you today at 16:00 at the Les Brown webinar - let me know if you need the details. 


Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder and Director 

Wowos Club 


Twitter: @ClubWowos 

Instagram: Wowos_Club   

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