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Don’t you #quit!

Don’t you quit! 

What have you done with your life since yesterday’s powerful message, Wowos? We got affirmations from many Wowos that yesterday’s writing was valid! Some Wowos wrote to me offline and told me about their struggles! They said it was not easy. Others asked me how do I challenge my family on these things. After reading that post, one person took the initiative to apply for a job yesterday, attempting to move away from the toxic work environment. 

T D Jakes says everyone has thought and decided to quit over something or someone at one stage. He warns us that we must never quit on our dreams! You might not be fast or quick enough, but never give up on your dreams! Don’t quit, as you will become better after this! 

I could hear and read the pain in yesterday’s Wowos 5 am cohort, but what is remarkable is that the pain will pass. We will live through it as it is part of life to make us grow.

Don’t you settle for less, Wowos. Keep trying this year; get up every day at 5 am as we do in Wowos 5 am club! Get up! Respect your time on this earth! 

T D Jakes said, “what separates us is transformation”. I urge you to transform and be better for yourself this year. 

Yesterday, we said remove the clutter, the junk, remove the negativity! Don’t rest in the middle, rest at the end! You will see things are going to start happening! 

Take a listen here:
Dream big - Novak Djokovic told us yesterday after winning the Australian Open. Les Brown said, “it takes courage!”. It takes courage to be new! 

Don’t you quit today, Wowos! Have a productive Monday! 

Warm regards,
Wonga Ntshinga, 
Founder and Director 
Wowos Club 
Twitter: @ClubWowos 
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