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God, through Wowos, was preparing me for that experience


You know, I took on a challenge last year to sleep on the floor & fast (just a minor one once a week until 6 pm), only to find at the beginning of this year, I will find myself in a situation where I had to sleep on the floor for two days & to have access to food only in the morning (if I had time to make it) & at mainly at night.


If only I knew then that God, through Wowos, was preparing me for that experience. I was so grateful I took the challenge because I was already used to it. 


It is so amazing every day; something is posted at Wowos; I always reflect & reference myself having gone through it. This makes me appreciate life & being part of this movement/club.


Thank you, Wowos, for all the teachings & for contributing to some of the puzzles of my journey through life. It continues to be enlightening everyday🙏🏽


Ditaba Moeketsi

Wowos Club President 


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