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Remembering Malusi Jamela


Malusi Jamela passed away on 4 February 2006. The ever-smiling, tall, and intelligent J was laid to rest on 11 February 2006 in Port Elizabeth (now known as Gqeberha). Today, 17 years later, post his death, we, as Wowos Club, remember him. Pastor Sivuyile Hlam, a best friend of uMalusi, wrote as follows back then:  



I hope you know that I am mad at you for getting into your car and driving at that hour, when you were most probably tired or even drowsy. 

You know I told you to be careful with your driving. But now you can be careful no more, for you are gone!

During your tragic accident, I hope you called out the name above all names, the name of Jesus - who had been long calling yours. 

Yes He had been long calling you, and some of us know it, but I especially know it. 

HE calls with a voice as commanding as a king, yet as a assuring as a lover, and in my heart I know you have to finally respond again.

Something I cannot explain within me tells me that Saturday morning the Lion of the tribe of Judah roared at the devil, and the devil could hold you no more.

The devil wanted to take you in December of '95 while you were at the school of initiation, but the LORD wouldn’t permit it, coz you were the Lord's and not satan's.


Even if the anointing upon my life could raise you back to life, I don’t think God would permit a mere man like me to call back to earth one of heaven's finest treasures; but we'll surely miss you here!


Today you have joined the cloud of heavenly witnesses and in the heavenly balconies; and you applaud the works of faith. 


Today you can preach no more nor do you need anymore preaching, how could you, when you are in the presence of the Captain of our Salvation, the Author of our Faith - as worship rise, all those must cease.


As the gentle hand of Jesus gave you the divine touch that morning, I hope that the bits and pieces of your life and journey of faith finally made sense and your salvation was made complete.


Fare thee well J. 

Side sibuye sibonane Gxiya mfondini, thole ndini lamaGqwashu. 

Wena kwekwe end' enesigweqa ibe inebatha yaye ichul' ukunyathela okwenyamakaz' engabizwayo!

Hamba zibulo lezibulo lakwaJamela!

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