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19 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


According to Kufour, former President of Ghana, “Sub-Sahara Africa’s population is expected to hit 1.5 billion by 2050 when the world’s population will be about 7 billion”. In that address, dating back to 2010, he also stated that the percentage of Africa’s working age population will rise to 65% and therefore job creation will be imperative. It is for this reason that we established two cohorts in Wowos Club. The first cohort is Wowos Career Engaging Club aimed at fast-tracking Wowos to build professional careers. The second cohort is Wowos Business Club, aimed, not only to fast-track Wowos businesses, but to open opportunities for Wowos to get jobs. 


If you are a business owner in Wowos and you require certain services, please share these with us and let us employ a Wowo! For example, some of the services that Wowos are willing to do for your business are: 


  1. Virtual Executive Personal Assistant (VEPA) – let me know if you are looking for a VEPA for your business or personal life; 
  2. Tax Submission – let me know if you are looking for Tax Consultant for yourself or your business; 



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