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Wowos Club Digital Library - 21 March 2021

Dear WCEC Members, 

I hope you are all doing well. 

The last time I wrote to this cohort on a serious matter was the previous year. 

Two things I want to cover tonight. 

  1. Never underestimate some careers. I am busy with a tenant application, and I cannot believe that positions like waitress can generate extra income, as much as R10K per month. You know, I wanted to be a waiter when I was in high school, and enterprises like Spur never gave me that opportunity. I am considering going this route and generating extra income for myself, and I think I will be very good at it. Thinking aloud…
  2. The second item I want to cover is what not to do in an online interview. Recently I was asked to be a panel member, and I was shocked by the quality of the candidates. Here are some pointers that I observed: 
    1. Be on time for the online meeting and consider the connection and disruption. So, have a backup plan! For example, install MS Teams, Zoom, or any other online tool on your cell phone and laptop. 
    2. Make sure your devices are fully charged and plugged in during the interview; 
    3. Please answer the question and keep it simple. Long answers won’t help you! 
    4. Do a vocal warm-up 15 minutes before the interview. These could include body, breath and diaphragm exercises or tongue twisters. All this is being done to avoid “ja”, “mmm”, wrong face expressions or mouth expressions – happy to share more on this…
    5. Check if your audio is clear and loud enough, and ensure that your connectivity (bandwidth) will last you for the entire interview. 
    6. Stress triggers are becoming a common question…how do you manage stress? 

Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder - Wowos Club



Twitter: @ClubWowos  Instagram: Wowos_Club

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