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Keep warm and be at peace, Wowos.


I wish you peace today, Wowos. Take a listen to this peaceful song - Very few people are at peace with themselves. 


Life is more than achievement in the material sense, but rather the attainment of more lofty …

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Consumers and Creators

One of the things we still need to get right, Wowos, is how to change our behaviour from that of the consumer to the creator. Once you find yourself always buying without creating, know that you are going in the wrong direction. Take a listen to this podcast by Robin Sharma -…

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How would you define happiness? Below are two quotes about happiness: 


The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does. - James M. Barrie


Happiness isn’t something you experience; it’s something you remember. - Oscar Levant…

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I’ve been thinking


Napoleon Hill wrote, “When you allow yourself to dwell on the negative aspects of life, negative thinking expands to fill all of your thoughts until there is no room for positive thoughts to grow. It becomes an endless cycle. The habit of negative thinking generates more and more negativ…

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It is not easy to forgive. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” 

In this recording, T D Jakes said the same: John F Kennedy said, “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names”. 


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Look inside yourself


Zukav and Francis (2001: 25) assert, “Every attempt to acquire external power now produces only violence and destruction. The pursuit of external power produces physical violence and destruction between nations. You can see this in every newscast. The pursuit of external power produces emo…

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Surround yourself with excellence.


I have just finished reviewing a document from one of Wowos' members. When I look at Wowos, who are successful, they have one thing in common; they are very focused and excellent at what they do. They work very long hours and are dedicated to the service they provide. They study very hard …

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You were appointed to fix and manage

This goes to those who are starting new jobs and careers this month. You were appointed to fix 🔧 and manage the problems ⚠️. They selected you because they saw someone who could fix and handle the situation. They saw a problem solver to their complex issues. They saw in you someone who could ste…

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Reasons and Results


It takes longer to dress up, and it takes longer to get out of bed. It is darker than ever before. It's cold ❄️ and it is winter. But we must never forget what Less Brown taught us, "reasons don't count; results do". 


Napoleon Hill warned us and wrote, "If you are so inclined…

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Conquer Your Dreams


The number one motivational speaker, Les Brown, said that you will suffer defeats and disappointments as you build your dream. He argues that it takes years Wowos to reach your dreams. So, we encourage you not to give up on your dreams today. 


In their book, Zukav and Francis (20…

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A weak Rand benefits me as an individual

I've been tip-toeing around this issue because it is a double-edged sword for me. A weak Rand benefits me as an individual but, unfortunately, disadvantages all the industries I'm involved in. A more objective and long-term approach would be this (bear in mind this is from my experiences more th…

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Napoleon Hill wrote, “Do you take the time to stay in touch, to remember friends’ special occasions? When you become so consumed with your own interests that you forget about your friends, you are well on your way to becoming friendless.” 


In this podcast, in the Diary of a CEO…

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Do the difficult things, Wowos.



On this podcast, Robin Sharma reminds us of the 66 days routine -


T D Jakes says, “Transitions are not easy”. He says, “Don't take office if u can't deliver! Don't…

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Dream Killers


Are you a dream killer? 


Do you often tell people that their dreams won’t be successful? Or do you keep your doors closed when they approach you for help or advice? Do you do this because you, yourself, don’t have dreams of your own? 


Don’t do that! Have faith in others…

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Are you committed, Wowos? Are you committed to your calling in this world? Are you committed at work, in your business or at home? 


In this recording, T D Jakes, my favourite Bishop, tells us that we must be committed. Yes, committed and not half committed. …

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What you are scared of is not a problem


Did you know what you are scared of is not a problem? Gary Ryan Blair wrote: 


We all live a life of close calls, belly flops, and missed

opportunities. The truth is we're all cowards, some are just bigger

cowards than others. Your persistence in the face of failure and set

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Quarter 1, 2023 at Wowos Club


Wowos, have you thought about your primary purpose in life? Have you lived your life on this earth? What do you give back to the people of this world? Do you take your commitment seriously? If you had to measure yourself, what would you score yourself out of 10?


We are looking for com…

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Wowos Conversation

I listened to Wowos Conversation earlier, and they discussed the restoration of political and government structures. I found the conversation very interesting, and it got me thinking about one of the biggest challenges we face: the broken family system.

You spoke about the importance of trus…

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Don't Quit



Tell them you are not going to quit. I am unsure who this message is for, but tell them you will not quit. They think you are down. They think you are finished. Tell them the Founder of Wowos Club said, “I am not quitting”. Listen to this recording: 

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Eddie Pinero's Motivational Recording


Insightful @⁨Zibuse L Kunene⁩. Thank you for sharing. 


I urge Wowos to listen to this recording. Ten Critical points for me: 


1. There is always a solution to any challenge or problem. I got a call from one of Wowos this week, and I told her the same - we will find …

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