Wowos Club

Don't be a number, be a member


Wonga Ntshinga

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Formation of Wowos Club

It was on 24 May 1999 that I decided to form this group. Then we had the following members: Bathabile Mthethwa (Tshomi), Johannes Nakana (Meneer), Lerato Mohaule (Bookworm),  

I did not know that we would have our website with a motto that reads, "Wow, don't be a number, be a member", in a few years to come. This motto was the intellectual work of our Executive Member Bathabile Mthethwa. Today, our group comprises over 183 members (i.e. including Facebook Members), which is still growing. These members are worldwide, as far as Australia, Swaziland, and Nigeria. 


A lot has happened since 24 May 1999. First, we saw the launch of the Question Of the Week Distribution E-mail. This distribution was then followed by the Quote Of the Month, Quote of the Year (my favourite), Shock Of the Week, Find thy Special One, and Breaking News, to name but a few. 


Incomparable members were awarded the Wowos 2002 Year Awards. They are Rolphy Matloum (Member of the Year), Joseph Ramaisa Khoanyane (Most Improved Member), Brandley Ngcobo (Most Active Member), Nozizwe Mahlaba (Best New Comer), Bathabile Mthethwa (Most Creative Member), Patrick Otto (Most Amusing Member), and Jerry Sereme (Most Controversial Member).


Chapters were then established on 25 November 2002. These Chapters were Eastern Cape Chapter, Gauteng Chapter, Western Cape Chapter, Australian Chapter, Nigeria Chapter, Limpopo Chapter, and Mpumalanga Chapter. The intention for these Chapters is to allow members to govern themselves.


To entertain, advise, teach, and grow together. To be the Best, we can be in everything we do!" and indeed, Wowos lives on this mission and vision of Ditaba! Wowos will live to this mission for years and years to come. 


Ditaba joined the club on 10 March 2003, recruited by our Independent Observer Thokozile Nhlapo. In 2003 Wowos was happening! We attended many functions, and the man behind the scene was Mr GG, as we affectionately called him! In that same year, Ditaba was given the award of the Best New Comer in Wowos. As if that was not enough for him, he headed the Wowos Internal Investigation Committee (WIIC). Then, you could not just write and make accusations; you would be investigated :-). How time flies!