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Short Tests for our Children

Grade 7 Natural Science Test (20 marks for 25 min): This test is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about sexual reproduction, including kids going through puberty. Take the test here. Email to request an access code. 


William Shakespeare wrote, “Be absolute for death, for either death or life shall be the sweeter”. 
Today, I would like us to focus on those members who lost loved ones. Sometimes, we blame ourselves for the loss. We often say I should have done this and that, but the truth is - there is nothing we could have done. It was their time. There is nothing you or I could have done. 
Our club has a cohort to help us deal with grieving. It is the Wowos Grieving Club, and we urge you to join us here:
Never stop believing Wowos! 
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Wonga Ntshinga, 
Founder and Director 
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