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Welcome to Wowos Club. We use this site to (i) publicise our charter, (ii) keep our members well-informed; and (iii) attract a broader audience. We will use this site to get the word out about our club and create a better sense of community among our members. We will also include pictures of our work and members. 

Wonga Ntshinga founded Wowos Club on 24 May 1999 as a not-for-profit think-tank set up to foster contribution by all to promote a culture of open dialogue. Wowos Club is a modern club where members can join and leave easily. Today, it has a membership of over 260 dynamic, loyal members, mainly in the Republic of South Africa. The club is now available on almost all Social Networks, breaking the geographical constraints! The key to success for Wowos Club has been in the membership! Without members, Wowos Club cannot survive, function or flourish.

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Mission Statement

 “To entertain, advise, teach, and grow together. To be the Best we can be in everything we do!” created by Ditaba Moeketsi.

Wowos Club 2024 Priorities (WC2024P)

5 January 2024 


Good Evening Wowos, 


Wowos Club 2024's priorities are about content, the customer experience, and the platform. We describe them in detail below: 


1.         Unique Content (UC) - We will continue to generate unique content for Wowos and our customers. 

2.         Customer experience (CE) - we want to understand Wowos better. We want to be there for each Wowos' life needs and provide a great Wowos experience every time and everywhere. 

3.         Flexible Global Platform (FGP) - Wowos Services will allow Wowos and customers to plug and play in anyone else's digital ecosystem, including our Wowos Business Partners' products and services. Our world-class platform will continue to improve over time while being fast and efficient as we strive to be a 100 percent digital club.  


We urge you to support us during these three 2024 priorities (i.e. UC, CE, and FGP). 


Thank you, and all the best for 2024, Wowos.  


Good night. 


Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder, on behalf of the Shareholders

Wowos Club 

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