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Wowos 5 AM Club (W5C)

Welcome to The Wowos 5 AM CLUB, where your greatest and worst enemy is yourself and where you will meet your future self.

All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. - Robin S Sharma

The Wowos 5 AM Club gave me more hours today. Thank you, @Zibuse, for starting this cohort. I will have to improve on the number of sleep 🌝 hours tonight, but day 1 was successful! I have just finished my walk, and I think I am ready for supper. I need to sleep early tonight! Good evening all! W, Founder

I use an app called 7 Minutes to help me with the exercises; you can try it as well, as it guides you through different routines. - Zibuse L Kunene

Just reading that 20:20:20 paragraph got me feeling like I must do 20 push-ups every morning. I have also been waking up at 07:30🤦🏾‍♀️, then jumped straight to emails. I need a change, and I think the 5 AM club will be of great help - Dr. MaseTshaba

“You need to remember that your excuses are seducers, your fears are liars, and your doubt are thieves” - Robin Sharma from the book 📖 The 5 AM Club.

May you begin to experience atomic changes in your life as you change how you start your day with exercise, prayer/meditation/reflection, and self-empowerment through learning. - Zibuse L Kunene