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Wowos Career Engaging Club (WCEC)

WCEC's main aims are to

(i) help Wowos to share work opportunities (vacancies) within the club; and

(ii) advise, teach and learn from each other about labour matters.  

We follow Napoleon Hill's philosophy here in WCEC:

“Find out how to get production up, and it will drag you and a bigger paycheck along with it. It’s common knowledge that the person who knows the most about how to improve the productivity of any job is the person who holds that job. Why is it, then, that we are often reluctant to offer suggestions for improvement? Perhaps we’ve seen too many layoffs and reorganizations to trust the cracker-barrel wisdom that our goal should be to work ourselves out of a job — so that we can move on to a bigger and better position. Nevertheless, the old wisdom is still sound. If you find a way to do things better, faster, or cheaper, you increase your value to your employer. You will be asked to participate in planning sessions and quality circles because you’ve demonstrated that you know how to make things work more efficiently. It’s inevitable that you will be promoted, because you will become one of those exceptional employees who are too valuable to lose.” - #NapoleonHillFoundation



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