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Quarter 1, 2023 at Wowos Club


Wowos, have you thought about your primary purpose in life? Have you lived your life on this earth? What do you give back to the people of this world? Do you take your commitment seriously? If you had to measure yourself, what would you score yourself out of 10?


We are looking for com…

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Wowos Conversation

I listened to Wowos Conversation earlier, and they discussed the restoration of political and government structures. I found the conversation very interesting, and it got me thinking about one of the biggest challenges we face: the broken family system.

You spoke about the importance of trus…

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Don't Quit



Tell them you are not going to quit. I am unsure who this message is for, but tell them you will not quit. They think you are down. They think you are finished. Tell them the Founder of Wowos Club said, “I am not quitting”. Listen to this recording: 

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Eddie Pinero's Motivational Recording


Insightful @⁨Zibuse L Kunene⁩. Thank you for sharing. 


I urge Wowos to listen to this recording. Ten Critical points for me: 


1. There is always a solution to any challenge or problem. I got a call from one of Wowos this week, and I told her the same - we will find …

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God’s Plan



How many of you Wowos have plans? 


According to T D Jakes, God has a plan for all of us. Joel Osteen said, “God’s plan is bigger than yours”. 


Please listen to this recording: Take note of T D Jakes’ examples regarding a tree 🍃. God…

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Believe In Yourself

Are you questioning yourself? 


Wowos, one of my favourite motivational speakers, Les Brown, said, ”You must believe in yourself”. T D Jakes, my famous Bishop, said, “If you can believe it, you can attain it”. He continued, saying, “If you can conceive it, you can attain it”. I think Rh…

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How do we stop worrying, Wowos? How do we control the anxiety and the negative voices? How do you run away from a colleague at work or a family member who is highly negative? I mean, currently, it is tough living in this world, that I understand. I am fully aware that the economic climate is a…

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Ditaba Moeketsi, Wowos Club President, once wrote: 


“We will live in fear & not be able to experience life fully if we constantly jump when things go wrong in our personal lives or businesses. You win some & lose some. Let’s enjoy the journey.”


One of the most outs…

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Yesterday, I chatted with one of Wowos, who was very angry 😡 about something someone out there did to her. She was furious. I had to point out that her anger was changing her personality as I continued to chat with her. 


Zeinab Badawi told Dr Bernice A. King, “I discipli…

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