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Tell them you are not going to quit. I am unsure who this message is for, but tell them you will not quit. They think you are down. They think you are finished. Tell them the Founder of Wowos Club said, “I am not quitting”. Listen to this recording: 


Victory is around the corner; Wowos! Don't quit! We are making a comeback. We have waited for this for far too long. Yes, we were down, but we are not out! Yes, there were up and downs, but we are not quitting! As Vatiswa always say, “Repeat after me” We are not quitting. 


Strength to you all. Good night. 


P/s Read more of this here:


Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder and Director 

Wowos Club 


Twitter: @ClubWowos Instagram: Wowos_Club

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