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Re: We do not have an ideal benchmark for a competent and good President

5 September 2023 


I agree with some aspects of this 


However, it would be amiss to claim that there is nothing competent about Mbeki, Zuma or CR.


These Presidents have had their share of successes (which one can take and use for a model that Zibu is looking for). We can also look at their weaknesses and use them as a model for better leadership in SA. 


I hardly agree with the sentiment that says our leaders are a 1 or 0. So, in short, I am saying there's a lot to benchmark from. For instance, we learned why growing the economy was important during Mbeki's time. We also learnt why working with other African countries is vital for African unity and success. At the same time, we learnt through Mbeki why it is not always advisable to just take things as they are given or subscribed by the West


During JZ's time, we learnt why it is critical to prioritise rural development and invest in large infrastructure. We also understood how difficult it is to provide free education, but JZ still pushed for it. I believe he was pro-South Africa (which is what Zibu wants), albeit the State Capture under him 


So, we will always find good and bad in every leader worldwide. And we will also never find all solutions in one leader.


So, with CR or any other current President anywhere in the world, you will have good and bad; of course, the scales will differ depending on who is measuring.


If I have to say, Mbeki was a good President, barring his weakness on HIV and Arms Deal. But he led his cabinet and party with boldness. And he wasn't afraid to make decisions in line with his party. And his recall is a testament to this. He gracefully exited a Presidential seat. How much does that cost the world over? 


In essence, what I am saying is there is a model. One just has to look everywhere to find it.


Jabu Mtsweni 

Wowos Club Shareholder 

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