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#Discipline is the foundation of #life.

Discipline is the foundation of life. 


My role model, Denzel Washington, once said, “So have dreams, but have goals, life goals, yearly goals, monthly goals, daily goals. I try to give myself a goal every day, sometimes just to not curse somebody out. Simple goals but have goals and understand that to achieve these goals, you must apply discipline and consistency. In order to achieve your goals, you must apply discipline, which you’ve already done, and consistency every day, not just one Tuesday and just two days. You have to work at it.”


I am bringing discipline up as Les Brown also mentioned it in his webinar yesterday and said it is part of having a relationship with yourself. 


Wowos 5 am Club is one cohort that encourages us to be self-disciplined. The idea of waking up at 5 am, Mondays to Fridays, is no child’s play! No one is watching but you! I am telling you, in Jim Rohn’s voice. 


I have so much respect for my mother, Doris Balekwa Ntshinga (born Mapu), who woke up at 4 am Mondays to Fridays, prepared us for school and off she went to work non-stop for years until she took earlier retirement. If you have a parent that did that for you, please respond and tell me all about it here. 


I also respect Zibuse L Kunene. This guy will send you motivational stuff at 06:00 am every day. How does he do this? Discipline! 


Of course, there are temptations to stop this 5 am club business. The voice comes and says, “sleep for another 30 minutes”. Jonga, it is not easy to wake up at 5 am and do three pockets. Not easy! Only 1% of Wowos are doing this! 1%! 


Please, take a listen to this:


Be self-disciplined today, Wowos. Take your power back! 


Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder and Director 

Wowos Club 


Twitter: @ClubWowos 

Instagram: Wowos_Club   

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