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Ditaba Moeketsi, Wowos Club President, once wrote: 


“We will live in fear & not be able to experience life fully if we constantly jump when things go wrong in our personal lives or businesses. You win some & lose some. Let’s enjoy the journey.”


One of the most outstanding motivational speakers, Les Brown, once said, “Fear will age you”. 


Did you know that your family members and friends are the first stakeholders who will always tell you that your dreams and goals will never happen? These people can create fear in your life so that you may doubt yourself or the opportunity given to you. Take a listen to this recording:


The recording is ideal for those who feel stagnant in their careers and jobs. It is suitable for those about to start new positions or initiatives - I know of two Wowos members who are starting new positions; please listen to this recording. Those in Wowos 5 am club will also find the recording helpful. 


Have a beautiful Sunday, Wowos. Discover your wings! 


P/s Read more of this here:


Warm regards,

Wonga Ntshinga, 

Founder and Director 

Wowos Club 


Twitter: @ClubWowos Instagram: Wowos_Club 

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