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Blog posts May 2023

A weak Rand benefits me as an individual

I've been tip-toeing around this issue because it is a double-edged sword for me. A weak Rand benefits me as an individual but, unfortunately, disadvantages all the industries I'm involved in. A more objective and long-term approach would be this (bear in mind this is from my experiences more th…

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Napoleon Hill wrote, “Do you take the time to stay in touch, to remember friends’ special occasions? When you become so consumed with your own interests that you forget about your friends, you are well on your way to becoming friendless.” 


In this podcast, in the Diary of a CEO…

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Do the difficult things, Wowos.



On this podcast, Robin Sharma reminds us of the 66 days routine -


T D Jakes says, “Transitions are not easy”. He says, “Don't take office if u can't deliver! Don't…

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Dream Killers


Are you a dream killer? 


Do you often tell people that their dreams won’t be successful? Or do you keep your doors closed when they approach you for help or advice? Do you do this because you, yourself, don’t have dreams of your own? 


Don’t do that! Have faith in others…

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Are you committed, Wowos? Are you committed to your calling in this world? Are you committed at work, in your business or at home? 


In this recording, T D Jakes, my favourite Bishop, tells us that we must be committed. Yes, committed and not half committed. …

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who do you say I Am?


Morning Wowos ❤️

As I was having some quiet time this morning, the Lord asked me, who do you say I Am? In as much as I/ or we all can quickly jump and answer this, I took a moment to let this question sink in. In Matthew 16:15-18, Peter confess that Jesus is the Christ! The Son of the…

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What you are scared of is not a problem


Did you know what you are scared of is not a problem? Gary Ryan Blair wrote: 


We all live a life of close calls, belly flops, and missed

opportunities. The truth is we're all cowards, some are just bigger

cowards than others. Your persistence in the face of failure and set

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