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Don’t be a victim of yourself


In this recording,, Jim Rohn argues that we must not become victims of ourselves. The real thief lies within. He says watch out for your mind as it can be a thief. Remember, your mind translates words into images. So, if you say, “I’m trying to be financially positive”. Your mind will see you as trying and not doing it. 


In the same recording, one of my favourite motivational speakers, Les Brown, said that most of our self-talk is negative. Do you have those voices that say, “You can’t do it”, “you don’t have the know-how”, “you come from a poor background”, “It has never been done before”, “I will do this as soon as the children grow up”; and so forth. Don’t focus on those voices and fear! 87% of our thoughts are negative! Channel your energies to the 13% good thoughts. 


So, what is the solution? Les Brown argues that you must write down five reasons why you deserve what you want to achieve. Jim Rohn also states that one needs to develop good habits and do the best you can. You will recall Earl Nightingale once said, “Those who earn more decided to earn more”. 


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