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Dreams own Directions

14 October 2020


Molweni Shareholders and Wowos, 


Thought of the day: “Know what you want to achieve and focus the attention on that. You can’t be all things to all people. Be what you can and let others be what they can in a complimentary way” – Ngambi (2011). 


I urge Wowos to practise the thought of the day. I have only selected one D from her seven Ds. The one above is about Dreams own Directions. Share with us what you want to achieve. You can even share with us what you have achieved this year – it was not an easy year for most of us! 


We must never forget the mission and vision of Wowos Club. Recently, we have seen how the club has managed to adapt under difficult Covid-19 times. We must continue to create, mix & mash and share data and information as widely as possible. It is for such reasons that we continue with cohorts like Wowos Culture and Language Club (WCLC) which remind us that languages are an integral part of what we do. 


Cohorts like WPSC will continue to build relationships across racial and gender difference in Wowos Club. While this cohort remains the most vibrant cohort in Wowos Club, we need to interact and communicate effectively with each other and lower the noise (i.e. breakdown in communication). WPSC is composed of leadership that can lead the country and therefore we expect the leadership in this cohort to showcase such. The direct positive output from WPSC needs to feed to the Congress for African Democracy & Economic Liberties (CADEL) and drive the policy-making of this new political party that can lead South Africans.





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